Easy accessibility of doctors on web

Fortis Lafemme

The Internet is on the boom in the world, especially in the developing nations that are still trying to tap the domain for social selling. In India, the internet boom has caught fire drastically over the past decade, thus becoming the major contributor to the economic growth of the nation. The use of internet has increased more than 11 times in the previous years and owing to its wider reach and overpowering growth, a lot of verticals and industries are investing in the domain to increase their sales and profits. One of the verticals is undoubtedly life sciences and healthcare industry that has been affected by not only the advent of the internet but also by technological advancements.

These days’ people do not have to wait for lab reports to come in on papers to find out what they are suffering from. Rather the labs provide their patients with a unique ID and password for them to find out the details of their tests carried out in a few hours and send it out directly to the doctor they are consulting. Similarly, when a patient gets admitted to a hospital, they create a patient profile on their portal and keep updating their reports, diagnoses, medicines, and current status for doctors to view it real time. All the branches coming under one brand of the hospital can view their reports through access of patient ID from anywhere, anytime. These major fixes have helped doctors to connect nationwide and help each other on issues that require immediate attention.

The 21st-century enterprise offering ‘Internet of Things’ is also revolutionizing the healthcare vertical by enhancing efficiency and accuracy. From identifying patients to gaining real time test results through wristbands, from collecting specimens to monitoring surgical devices, IoT is taking healthcare division to new heights. Let’s suppose you want to have to seek a doctor for gall bladder stone removal then all you have to do is go on an online medicinal portal and get your seat booked.

Allowing the patient to save its precious hours, booking an appointment online is the safest and sanest option one could ever think of. Now patients do not have to spend the time to first book an appointment and later wait for the doctor to see them while waiting in a hall full of ailing patients. Be it an ovarian cyst operation or botox treatment in Delhi, everything is just a click away.